Received the Scalability Award at the Social Innovation Challenge Japan 2022 organized by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

Dots for won the Scalability Award in the "SDGs for Young People from High School to Age 34 Who Want to Take on Social Challenges, SDGs 2022" business contest organized by Youth Co:Lab, a program of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Citi Foundation that supports social innovation and social entrepreneurship by young people. Scalability Award in the "Social Innovation Challenge Japan 2022," a business contest for high school students to 34-year-olds who want to take on social challenges, organized by Youth Co:Lab, a program of the Citi Foundation.
Scalability Award.
Building a Digital Platform in Rural Africa" (Dots for Nakata Inc.
(Mr. Wataru Nakata, Dots for Corporation)
The digital platform was built by introducing inexpensive and decentralized equipment to a rural African village. The project aims to digitize the last frontier by providing a channel to a market that has been difficult for many companies to enter.
Evaluations: The team created an innovative business model that can be profitable while targeting rural areas where the market size is small and people tend to be left behind. The team's high level of enthusiasm was also highly evaluated.
For more information, please see press release of the Youth Co:Lab's "Social Innovation Challenge Japan 2022". Please refer to the following website for more information.

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