🌍Empowering Rural Africa with digital innovation: Our Purpose at Dots for.

Publication Date: 2023/11/3
We live in a world full of possibilities, yet one vast region stands on the verge of significant transformation - rural Africa, holding immense potential. Starting in Benin and Senegal, Dots for has chosen to operate in rural Africa with a clear mission – unlock this huge overlooked potential.
Why Africa? Because the continent boasts tremendous opportunities. Rural Africa, often overshadowed by urban development, awaits transformation. The World Bank reports that 58% of the sub-Saharan African population lives in rural areas. This represents vast, underserved markets which remain largely unexplored.
Our goal is to create smart communities in rural Africa. We invest in transformative potential by building decentralized communication networks and delivering tailored value to meet rural residents' needs. This empowers them with the capacity to change their lives.
Building such infrastructure in remote areas will serve as a link to connecting the dots between rural communities and the global digital landscape. Our presence in Africa will reshape communities and position us as a conduit to connect rural regions to the world.
Join us in our mission to become the bridge between rural Africa and the global stage. In Africa, the horizon is limitless, together, we're determined to redefine what's possible, one village at a time.