🚀 Unlocking Rural Africa's Potential with Connectivity

Publication Date: 2023/10/27
At Dots for, our mission is to transform life in rural Africa using technology. We're creating smart villages and communities, reshaping the way digital services, communication infrastructure, and affordable devices reach rural residents.
🌐 Our Focus: In rural Africa, millions of people have limited access to communication facilities due to geographical and financial constraints. Dots for is changing the narrative by establishing a distributed wireless network, making communication more accessible and cost-effective.
📱 Enabling Digital Transformation: Harnessing wireless mesh network technology, we offer affordable digital services at under $3 per week, providing villagers with unrestricted access to a variety of content, including educational and vocational training videos. We also offer affordable smartphones through a rent-to-own model, removing access and affordability barriers for rural residents, and empowering them to acquire new skills, increase income and access opportunities.
🤝 Community at the Core: We employ local staff and agents who know village-specific challenges and languages, fostering robust community relationships.
🌐 Expanding Our Reach: Since our launch in December 2021, we've extended services to over 100 rural areas in Benin and Senegal. Our goal is to continue expanding, transforming lives, and empowering rural Africa.
Our commitment goes beyond connectivity; it's about empowering lives. Stay tuned for updates as we bridge the digital gap and transform lives, one village at a time.
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