"Meet Our Early Flag Bearers: Bombar Ahognon & Constant Hondjo” 🌟

Publication Date: 2023/11/24
‘Sky’s not the limit’—an enduring belief, often spoken by Bombar Ahognon, our first team member in Benin. With this mindset, in line with Dots for’s core values, Bombar Ahognon and Constant Hondjo led our start in Benin, using their deep village knowledge and insights to shape our present achievements. Overseeing local field agents' operations, they coordinate with diverse teams, recognizing and sharing the remarkable efforts of colleagues across corporate management, development, product management, and more.
They are leaders; but also mentors. Since our early days, Bombar Ahognon and Constant Hondjo trained and guided recruits, sharing their wisdom gained from close interactions with village communities.
Constant Hondjo was pivotal in expanding operations to Senegal, leveraging Benin's early experience to enrich services in both countries, sharing insights, and learning from diverse realities, benefitting team members across borders.
Today, they continue to lead some of the various field teams, constantly working towards achieving Dots for’s mission to unleash the constraints of rural Africa.  From humble beginnings, our team has grown to over 40 employees across diverse roles and functions.
Every day, our team's diversity grows, welcoming new incredible dots from Benin, Senegal, and Japan. Guiding this journey are our CEO, Carlos Oba, and COO, Sho Nakata, leading us forward to expanding horizons.
"Be a Flag Bearer! Pioneer in your country, join us to transform rural communities!
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