Selected for G-STARTUP (6 batch) sponsored by GLOBIS

Dots for has been selected as one of nine companies as Main Track in the 6th of G-STARTUP, an accelerator program organized by GLOBIS (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Yoshito Hori).
G-STARTUP Press Release (only in Japanese)

"G-STARTUP" 6th Batch Main Track: 9 selected companies

  • Dots for Inc.
  • AquaAge
  • ExRoad
  • Fermelanta, Inc.
  • Filduct
  • Blossom Energy

Outline of "G-STARTUP”

Aiming to build a platform to produce 100 unicorn companies, this accelerator program supports startup entrepreneurs who are expected to grow into leading venture companies in Japan in the future. The program includes discussions with a faculty of successful entrepreneurs and lectures that give adopted companies the perspectives and latest management knowledge they need to become unicorns. Mentors, who are active venture capitalists, will support the companies in their efforts to raise funds to become unicorns. Based on an agreement between the selected company and GLOBIS, the G-STARTUP Fund will invest in the company. The total number of investment recipients will be 20.

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