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Empowering Lives: Germaine Kagbotemi’s Inspiring Journey at Dots for

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We’re proud to spotlight Germaine Kagbotemi, an amazing member of Dots for teams. She not only leads our growth teams and future projects but also demonstrates at times a relentless commitment to making a difference.
Germaine goes above and beyond, always trying to uplift villagers’ lives and businesses. By actively listening and engaging with them, she identifies innovative solutions to propel them towards greater opportunities and success.
Her dedication doesn’t stop there. Germaine confidently voices her opinions to both upward and downward teams, ensuring that every “dot” is heard and valued. This commitment to open communication reflects our belief that every individual in our big family can spark significant change.
As one of the very first women to join our local teams, Germaine left a trail for others to follow and today, she surely serves as an example and model for many other of people in our company.
Germaine leads with passion, relentlessly putting efforts into translating villagers’ needs into tangible opportunities and projects. Just like our several other members, she embodies our core value of “Prove Your Value for the World”, showcasing how each action can contribute to a brighter future for all.
Join us in celebrating Germaine’s remarkable journey and the countless other members of Dots for who are making a difference in their communities and teams, one village at a time.

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