Dotsfor,  Dec 22, 2023

Empowering tomorrow: Unleashing the Potential of Rural Children

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In the villages of Benin and Senegal, and soon across many African countries with limited network infrastructure, children can now dream big. Dots for is successfully making smartphones and tailored networks accessible to rural households, marking a pivotal shift.
Now, children in these villages can aspire to more as they gain access to a world of educational videos, and avenues for exploration. This is all made possible through the dedication of our teams and the innovative services we continuously provide.
The future is bright as we are contributing to shaping a world where every child, regardless of their surroundings, has limitless access to education, information, and knowledge. Our tailored content is carefully monitored to nurture village residents and children into knowledgeable future community leaders. Through strategic partnerships with schools, universities, and institutions, we are bringing education and knowledge right to their fingertips, overcoming geographical barriers with technology.
Every day, we’re connecting the dots and, bridging the gap to inspire incredible changes on the continent and beyond.
Join us in creating a world where the limitations faced by children in rural areas are unleashed, and where education knows no bounds.

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