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09 Novembre 2023

At Dots for, our core values are much more than words on paper; they are the everyday compass, and guiding light as we work to eliminate the constraints in rural Africa.

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08 Dec 2023

In the heart of Rural Africa, resilience thrives amidst adversities, vividly showcased in villages spanning Benin, Senegal, and beyond.

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15 Dec 2023

At Dots for, we are creating smart villages but we’re also passionate about fostering a vibrant startup ecosystem across Africa and we’re proud to be part of this transformative journey.

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Dec 22, 2023

Navigating new territories, like the villages in Benin and Senegal, presents a common challenge—language barriers. With over 50 local languages spoken across scattered villages in Benin and about 40 national languages throughout Senegal, effective communication is pivotal for our goal of creating smart villages and seamlessly integrating our services with potential customers.

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12 Jan 2024

In the heart of Benin and Senegal’s villages, technology serves as a beacon, translating into tangible outcomes. Our vision remains clear—local businesses thriving, entrepreneurs empowered, and communities seamlessly connected.

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30 Janv 2024

Women are the backbone of households, thriving even in the toughest village environments. Their resilience shines as they navigate low access to information with constant innovation. At Dots for, we aim to amplify this inherent ability.

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