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What is the image that comes to mind when you hear the word “Africa?”
When we start talking about Africa, many people seem to think first of either a “poverty-stricken Africa” or a “rapidly developing Africa."
But when we actually visit rural villages, we find an Africa that is neither.

We see people who are poor, but who live really happily, talking with their families and neighbors over a cup of tea, laughing, singing, dancing, etc. On the other hand, they are stuck in poverty for reasons beyond their individual control and are in a very vulnerable position where the slightest negative impact, like a car accident or bad weather, can put a family's livelihood at risk. Many adults are forced to leave their families and migrate to cities to work, seeing their families only a few times a year.

We, Dots for, believes that communication and digitalization are the key to changing these lives. We want to create a world where people in rural Africa can stay with their families and friends in the villages where they were born and raised, while being connected to the world, and having access to a variety of opportunities and income increases taken for granted. We will realize this world, which has already been established in most countries and regions, especially in developed countries, in rural Africa where people have been left behind because of their low income.

Carlos OBA
Benin office

Our Mission

Deliver the Internet connection and the benefit of Internet through Dots for to 200 million people living in rural areas in West African countries by 2030.

In Africa today, the majority of people live in small villages in rural areas that have been left behind by the wave of digitalization due to economic and geographical factors, and many people do not enjoy the convenience of online access. It is said that the Internet connection rate in Africa as a whole is less than 30%, but traditional telecommunication companies have little incentive to improve this situation from the perspective of profitability, and this negative situation will not improve anytime soon.

Everything we do is done to maximize the value delivered to our customers …

Dots for Inc. provides highly convenient digital services to these rural users with our unique technology. The last 1 mile internet connection is still an issue even in developed countries and newly developing countries such as ASEAN. Especially the rural areas of Africa and other developing countries are unlikely to be monetized by existing telecom towers and satellite constellation broadband communications and will not improve in the long term. Dots for Inc.'s solutions will focus on this segment, rural areas in Africa and developing countries..

Our Sevices

The distributed wireless network technology "d.CONNECT"

d.Connect is a distributed wireless network technology that selectively transmits through multiple wireless routers in a distributed manner, unlike the conventional star network centered on a base station.
d.Connect will be installed in each rural village scattered across Africa, where the Internet communication network is still underdeveloped, using this technology, which is now in widespread use, to provide constant Internet access and various online services running on it.

Digitalization of Rural Areas realized by "Smartphone Installment Sales”

To facilitate access to our d.Connect and better navigation for villagers, we sell them smartphone for which they are required to pay per week.

Digitization of rural areas achieved through the sale of the very low-cost “Starlink” internet connection

To help you understand what this road looks like, we surveyed 1165 digital marketers across Europe and North America to explore current trends and priorities in digital marketing.

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Cash or cashless payment (refer-a-friend and family discounts available)

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We Are Professional

We are driven by a mission to utilize cutting-edge technologies to positively transform lives in African rural areas. With unwavering commitment and expertise, we strive to bring sustainable and impactful change through the innovative application of technology..

We Are Creative

we channel our innovative spirit to craft solutions that transcend boundaries and uplift lives in African rural areas. Our commitment to creativity fuels our endeavors to harness technology in unique and imaginative ways, fostering positive change and empowerment.

What is our corporate color would be ?

At first we chose green as our African color, but after a while we noticed that the color of the walls and roofs of the houses where our customers live in rural villages was “Aka-sabi” (rust-red). Aka-sabi really matches our vision.
We picked up "Aka-sabi" from the below two reasons:

  • In the field, we can see this color very often.(road, house, roof & etc.. ) I think this color definitely represents the daily lives of our customers. We chose this color considering our most important core value, " Everything for customer ".
  • When you see Google map, you would notice you can see many dots with this color. This color represents "dots" having the potential to change the world.
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