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Dots for Inc. will change the lives in African rural areas through the power of technologies.

Empowering Rural Africa with digital innovation

We live in a world full of possibilities, yet one vast region stands on the verge of significant transformation - rural Africa, holding immense potential

Unleashing the Potential of Rural Children

In the villages of Benin and Senegal, and soon across many African countries with limited network infrastructure, children can now dream big

Transforming Communities

Our digital services empower all rural residents, including women, enabling them to build new products and embark on a journey of economic empowerment.

Our Purpose

Unleash the constraints of the rural Africa

There are disadvantages that people have to tolerate by living in a rural area. Even if they choose to go to cities for job opportunities, they have to pay a high cost of living and live away from their family. Dots for Inc. exists to eliminate such disadvantages and build a world for everyone to choose where to live without feeling inconvenience.


Our Core Value Statements

Everything for customers

Everything we do is done to maximize the value delivered to our customers.

Trust all "dots"

We treat everyone with respect and believe that each of them is a "Dot" with the potential to change the world.

Shake your heart

We create moments that make our heart tremble as we pursue our beliefs.

Prove your value for the world

We must have a mission to prove the meaning of our existence through our own actions.

Tumble first

We are not afraid to fall down. A failure is not a failure if we have the opportunity to get up and learn a lot.

Be modest explorers

We must realize that we don't know what we don't know, we continue to search for a better world and continue our adventure to expand our world.

Stand on your feet

We doubt the well-known problems and taken for granted, and act based on your own experiences and thoughts as the party concerned.

Our Mission

Deliver the Internet connection and the benefit of Internet through Dots for to 200 million people living in rural areas in West African countries by 2030.

In Africa today, the majority of people live in small villages in rural areas that have been left behind by the wave of digitalization due to economic and geographical factors, and many people do not enjoy the convenience of online access. It is said that the Internet connection rate in Africa as a whole is less than 30%, but traditional telecommunication companies have little incentive to improve this situation from the perspective of profitability, and this negative situation will not improve anytime soon.

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Dots for Inc. provides highly convenient digital services to these rural users with our unique technology. The last 1 mile internet connection is still an issue even in developed countries and newly developing countries such as ASEAN. Especially the rural areas of Africa and other developing countries are unlikely to be monetized by existing telecom towers and satellite constellation broadband communications and will not improve in the long term. Dots for Inc.'s solutions will focus on this segment, rural areas in Africa and developing countries.

Our Approach


Through collaboration and innovation, our mission is to contribute to a world where development is not just a goal but a continuous journey towards a harmonious and more equitable society.


It is a powerful force that promotes understanding, tolerance, and the creation of a supportive environment where diverse perspectives contribute to the achievement of shared objectives.

Support them

Whether it's financial aid or community projects, this simple phrase sums up the idea of supporting others to help them overcome difficulties and achieve their goals.


Our Services

The distributed wireless network technology "d.CONNECT"
The distributed wireless network technology "d.CONNECT"

d.Connect is a distributed wireless network technology that selectively transmits through multiple wireless routers in a distributed manner, unlike the conventional star network centered on a base station. d.Connect will be installed in each rural village scattered across Africa, where the Internet communication network is still underdeveloped, using this technology, which is now in widespread use, to provide constant Internet access and various online services running on it.

Digitalization of Rural Areas realized by "Smartphone Installment Sales”
Digitalization of Rural Areas realized by "Smartphone Installment Sales”

To facilitate access to our d.Connect and better navigation for villagers, we sell them smartphone for which they are required to pay per week.

Digitization of rural areas achieved through the sale of the very low-cost internet connection
Digitization of rural areas achieved through the sale of the very low-cost internet connection

Achieving digitization in rural areas hinges on the widespread availability of extremely affordable internet connections. By making these connections accessible at minimal cost, rural communities can harness the transformative power of digital technology to bridge socioeconomic gaps and drive inclusive development.

Our News


Soil / Forbes JAPAN基金に採択

社会課題を解決する非営利スタートアップに、最大1000万円を助成するプログラムである、Soil / Forbes JAPAN基金に、Dots forが採択されました。 優れたアイデア、チーム、実績があるにも関わらず、資金面で課題を抱えている方々の事業を推進し、社会課題解決を促進することを目的とされており、資金だけでなく、起業家からのフィードバックや、Forbes JAPAN誌面での掲載などの支援を受けられます。 関連サイトはこちら🔽



国内のスタートアップを中心に、先端テクノロジーとオープンイノベーションに関わる情報をお届けするメディアである「ASCIISTARTUP」に弊社CEOの大場がインタビューを受け、記事が公開されました。 記事はこちら🔽


中小機構のアクセラレーションプログラム「FASTAR」のDemo Dayに参加

第8期として「FASTAR」に選抜されたDots forは、Demo Dayにて登壇しました。「FASTAR」とは、ユニコーンやIPO、地域を担っていく中核企業を創出すべく、その予備軍となるスタートアップを支援するプログラムです。 関連サイトはこちら🔽



総務省によるスタートアップ支援事業を契機とした官民一体の取り組み「ICTスタートアップリーグ」に採択されたDots forが、特集としてTOMORUBSさんからインタビューを受けました。 記事はこちら🔽



松竹ベンチャーズ株式会社が第二期として募集していたアクセラレータープログラム Shochiku Accelerator2023「Entertainment Festival」にDots forが採択されました。 松竹グループは、伝統を守りながら革新的なものづくりの挑戦を100年以上続けてきました。挑戦を繰り返しながら、挑戦を一時的なムーヴメントに終わらせずに文化として紡いでいく。そういったDNAや物事の考え方は我々の強みだと感じています。私たちのノウハウ・リソース・ネットワークと、スタートアップの皆さんのサービスや技術を組み合わせることで、「娯楽の可能性を引き出し、この世界をもっと面白くする」ことを目指しています。 プレスリリースはこちら🔽

Take the right step,
do the big things.

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Carlos Oba
Carlos Oba
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Naoko Awa Yamasaki
Manageur SR et l'equipe AG

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🌟 Community Connection: Idaho welcomes Dots for 🌟

Jun 28, 2024

Welcome to Idaho, a village of Dassa-zoumè in central Benin, where we witness an inspiring scene: a community gathering to welcome for the very first time, the innovative services of Dots for. This moment, testified to the warmth and enthusiasm that often greet our teams as they introduce transformative opportunities to rural areas. The community's eagerness for progress, combined with the local agents' ability to mobilize villagers, is the driving force behind our success. Our dedicated agents bridge the gap between technology and the community, transforming curiosity into action and potential into tangible progress. Everyone, from children to elders, gathered with curiosity and hope, ready to embrace new possibilities that Dots for brings—connectivity, job opportunities, and economic empowerment. Our field agents’ efforts ensured that each community member understood how Dots for’s services can improve their lives and the collective well-being of their community. These scenes of community support are crucial as we expand our reach. They remind us that our mission is not just about technology but about people—transforming lives and fostering growth. Each gathering like this in Idaho is a step toward a more connected, empowered, and prosperous rural Africa. Join us in celebrating these moments and the incredible impact they have on communities across Benin and beyond. Together, with the unwavering support of local agents and the enthusiastic embrace of villagers, we are making a real difference, one village at a time.

🌟 Unveiling the Game-Changer for Rural Africa: The “DC Box” 🌟

Jun 16, 2024

Say Hello to the “DC Box”, Dots for’s cutting-edge solution designed to overcome the unique challenges faced by remote communities in rural Africa. What’s inside the Box? More than just another piece of tech—it’s a catalyst for economic and social transformation. After rigorous development, testing and improvements, this customized technology is set to unlock the full potential of rural Africa. Our DC Box is already making waves in villages across Benin and Senegal. By providing reliable access to digital resources, it's enabling villagers to find opportunities to boost their businesses. For us at Dots for and for our communities, the DC Box represents a gateway to community-based connectivity, economic opportunities, and empowerment. Each DC Box deployed signifies a leap towards enabling rural inhabitants to actively participate in their local economy. We've seen lives transformed, businesses boosted, and communities uplifted. From community-level impact, we are steadily working towards accessing broader regions and creating opportunities beyond. Join us in this exciting journey as we bring new opportunities to rural Africa, transforming dreams into reality, one DC Box at a time.

Reaching New Heights: Empowering Rural Africa from Above 🌅

Jun 1, 2024

In the heart of rural Africa, our journey began with endless possibilities. From Benin to our expansion in Senegal, each installation stands tall, a testament to our commitment to empowerment. Our device often requires strategic placement for optimal performance. One of our first tentatives occurred in a small village in Benin, home to a community of fishermen and sand collectors. This initial success allowed us to gain support and expand our services significantly. Each installation represents not just a technical achievement but a promise of transformation. With every village we reach, we bring more than just connectivity—we bring the potential for economic growth and community development. As we rise to new heights, we see not just towers, antennas, or digital devices but gateways to opportunity. Each connection lights up a path to progress, sparking hope and driving change. In every village, our presence resonates as a promise of transformation. Together, let's unlock the potential of rural Africa, one connection at a time. Join us as we reach new heights and empower communities to thrive. 🚀🌍

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